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Other Names

Gum Benzoin

Botanical Name

Styrax Benzoin


LOBAN as sold in the market is a resin of a tree, Styrax Benzoin. It is extracted by making an incision on the stem of the tree; the secreting liquid is collected, dried and sold for usage. Though the trees of Loban are found in India, the maximum Loban is imported from Thailand, Malaysia and the Islands of the East Indies. Chemical synthesis of Loban reveals that Loban contains benzoic acid, cinnamic acid and aniline.


Modern studies reveal that it is a good haemostatic, antiseptic and a good healing agent, hence, applied on wounds and internally subsides the inflammation of UTI and respiratory tract infections. The long standing, badd and putrefied wounds are healed with Loban speedily. Tincture of benzoin is benzoin resin dissolved in alcohol.

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