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Ashtagandha is mixture of eight fragrant herbs – Chandan, Kesar, Bhimseni Camphor, Heena, Agar, Tulsi, Bel and Durva. Vedic talismans are written on Bhojapatra or Onion skin with a special link. This ink is made of Ashtagandha herbs, 24 karat gold dust and water from the Ganges. It is said that the fragrance of Ashtagandha used to continuously emanate from the form of Lord Krishna. Even today, one will find the Ashtagandha fragrance emanating from many temples.


In India, apart from its economic importance for building and furniture making, it is an important ingredient in Ayurvedic Medicine as many species have curative qualities taken independtly or as an ingredient of a medicinal mixture. Some of the uses in Ayurveda reported are; Wood decoction of D. malabaricum to cure rheumatism and its oil is used to cure eye and ear diseases; a few species are used to cure inflammation, cardio-disorder, CNS disorder and also tumor. In Indian tradition and culture oil is extracted from the seeds Dysoxylum malabaricum, which has wide beneficial application.

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